Our services include professional inspections of all types of homes and buildings, indoor air quality inspections, and the testing for levels of radon gas.

Below are two examples of the home inspection reports our clients receive:


Our inspections include a detailed assessment of all accessible interior and exterior areas, plus the operation of all installed systems and components. We work hard to be as thorough as possible and are happy to take the time needed to get the job done right.


Clarion Building Inspections uses infrared cameras and moisture meters in all our inspections. Whenever possible, roofs are walked on and attics and crawlspaces are entered. Clients will receive their inspection reports on the morning following the inspection and be given a follow-up call to answer any questions they may have.


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) inspections are used to determine the presence of airborne mould spores inside homes and buildings. They are most often done in situations where homes have been damaged by flooding or other moisture and the health of building occupants is of concern.


An indoor air quality inspection will provide valuable information about the types and densities of toxic moulds inside buildings. The service includes sending air samples for laboratory analysis, a report that describes the conditions found, and recommendations for next steps.

Sample Report 1: A 22 year old home in generally good condition. Has minor amounts of dampness at the basement level.


Sample Report 2: A 70 year old home in good overall condition. Heating system requires repairs or replacement.​

Radon icon.png


Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that originates below ground that can reach dangerous concentrations inside buildings under certain conditions. Next to smoking cigarettes, exposure to radon gas is the number one cause of lung cancer worldwide. Health Canada recommends that radon testing should be completed at all homes and buildings.


Clarion Building Inspections can complete radon testing, either separately or as a part of a home inspection.


Infrared cameras are useful tools to help find building defects that may otherwise go undetected. Moisture and missing insulation are two of the more common. Infrared cameras can also be helpful during electrical inspections and when looking for pests inside inaccessible walls and ceilings.

Clarion Building Inspections uses infrared cameras during all our inspections with no additional fee to the client.




Insurance providers will require WETT certification of all wood and pellet heaters, as well as of wood burning furnaces and fireplace inserts.


Our company can complete WETT inspections and certification upon request.